Virtual Reality Represents Next Generation of Learning, Project Chimera is Proof

Virtual Reality will fundamentally change the way humans live, work, learn, and interact with one another. Pagoni VR, a Glimpse Group subsidiary company specializing in immersive broadcast, sees a new realm of communication aided by VR.

On November 11, 2019, Pagoni VR made history with its Project Chimera live broadcast. Project Chimera is a first-of-its-kind software that combines a real environment with virtual reality by utilizing 3D with 180° video. 24 students from Fordham University’s Bronx and Lincoln Center campuses used Project Chimera to actively participate in a lecture together.

To the best of Pagoni VR’s knowledge, this is the world’s first educational broadcast that mixes virtual reality and 180° video to enable truly real-time interaction between the real and virtual worlds.

Project Chimera builds dynamic environments where local and remote users can actively participate as if they were in the same location. The word Chimera stems from Greek mythology and it represents a multi-headed creature made up of a lion, goat, serpent, and dragon. This amalgamation of real and fictitious creatures represents Project Chimera’s ability to fuse real with virtual elements. Project Chimera’s software strengthens the bonds between teacher and students and between the students themselves.

Project Chimera users Virtual Reality and immersive video to make a more enhanced classroom dynamic for both physical and remote learners.

Yesterday’s Project Chimera broadcast took place during “Exploring Entrepreneurship,” a Fordham University course taught by Glimpse Group CEO Lyron Bentovim and Fordham Professor Christine Janssen. About 20 students were present in the physical classroom and 4 were present in VR. Brad Gould, the Head of IP at Dorsey and Whitney LLP, delivered a presentation about IP law to the mixed population of virtually and physically present students.

Project Chimera’s unique mix of physical and virtual elements provides for a powerful learning environment. In comparison to video streaming, Project Chimera can take advantage of VR’s immersiveness to create learning environments that feel dynamic and distraction free. Remote learner’s no longer need to feel like second-class students.

In an interview with News 12 The Bronx, Chirayu Shah, a student who virtually joined the Fordham University lecture, described Project Chimera and said “I think it’s amazing, really exciting, and phenomenal. Like the way, how all of this works and is put together. So I’m really excited to see where it goes in the future.”

When it comes to the educational setting, Project Chimera can unite students from different campuses, work as a learning tool for students who need to stay home sick, and make learning more accessible. Project Chimera represents the future of learning and their innovative software could be used in a variety of other industries, such as entertainment or enterprise.

When asked about the patent pending software, Pagoni VR General Manager, Jimmy Giliberti, said “This first patent for Pagoni VR sets the stage for future products that mix computer generated imagery, immersive video, and real-time interactivity. Picture a world where students will interact with each other and their teacher regardless of whether they are local or remote. Feel the thrill of calling out the next play or being singled out by a comedian on stage. Pagoni VR is moving forward with their vision of a blended reality.”

Why invest in AR solutions?

By saving money on packaging and instead funding AR, you get a positive interaction and a touchpoint with customers, all under the umbrella of cheaper, more sustainable packaging. Between 2014 and 2018, eco-conscious packaging sales increased by 20%. This is just one of many times that eco-conscious packaging has been very beneficial to companies, along with saving money on shipping costs and providing a good selling point for your product, and by combining it with AR, you are bound to create the ultimate customer experience.

Investors are also an audience that can be appeased through the use of AR and sustainable packaging. Many investors look for sustainability and eco-conscious practices when considering where to invest their money. This means that you can make your business stand out to not only customers but also investors by having eco-friendly practices.

When all is said and done, sustainable packaging isn’t just the nice thing to do, it is becoming the standard. And when mixed with AR, it gives a business the opportunity to stand out in ways that are not traditionally available. Sustainable practices with AR will not only look good to your customers but to your investors too. Take the opportunity to become a leader, and use AR and sustainable practices to revolutionize your product packaging today!

Eric Bachman is a marketing intern with the Glimpse Group based near Seattle, Washington. His passion for marketing is only matched by his love for learning. He spends free time with his friends and family and is often found on the tennis court playing with them.

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