Being “the intern” reminds me of that movie… The Intern . No, I don’t see myself as then 72-year-old Robert De Niro. It’s more about that feeling of walking into an experience like none that you’ve ever had. No really, it’s not cliched. I’m nearly a fresh university grad and I can count the number of places I’ve interned at on my fingers.

The twist here, however, is that my current Public Relations internship is in New York. From Lebanon. In an Augmented and Virtual Reality company called The Glimpse Group with a gaping 7-hour time difference separating us. Actually, those are a lot of twists, so let me tell you more about them as this week’s Glimpser in the series I’ve ironically created: Glimpser Spotlight.

Who is Selena Jammaz?

I’m a Lebanese-Canadian, and I study Business Administration at the American University of Beirut with a concentration in marketing.

The way I ended up in this major was by trial and error. Ever since I was younger, I had an obsession for what I thought was journalism, but really turned out to be anything communications related. It’s an innate obsession that’s always tagged along at school, at work, or anywhere really. I love setting targets, planning out how to achieve them, and getting things done- hence the business mindset.

What’s your career path looking like?

When I was younger, I started playing around with iMovie when I got bored. That’s when I realized that I had tapped into a new world of creativity with storytelling, and that it had to somehow be in life in the future.

Fast-forward about ten years where the need for outstanding business strategies now sits at the crosshairs of technology and emotional intelligence. What do you get? A chaotically organized and fascinatingly creative mess called digital marketing.

Why did you get yourself into an internship located halfway around the world?

When I was looking to land an internship, I didn’t necessarily have New York set in mind. Lebanon is currently undergoing a tough time due to a substantial buildup of devastating consequences resulting from decades of corrupt leadership and political tensions. Coincidentally, remote work has become the new trend ever since the uncalled pandemic of 2020 barged into everyone’s lives – Lebanon and beyond.

But life doesn’t stop. The natural thing to do was to search for remote internships abroad (which is what I literally typed as I was sitting on my couch), and I was fortunate enough to be picked up by The Glimpse Group’s super rad Senior Marketing Manager, Elena Piech

Why VR/AR?

Can I be honest with you? I didn’t apply to Glimpse because it’s an Augmented and Virtual Reality company, because I didn’t really know what that even meant. According to my research at the time, it looked like the type of tech that you see in movies that create holograms and transport you to other virtual worlds. I thought it was neat.

What really drew me in, however, was the Public Relations part of the job description. I wanted to expand my experience across the communications field in something I wasn’t yet familiar with. Also, the whole idea of interning in New York in some sort of futuristic tech company seemed pretty amazing. See, that’s the “ah-ha” moment De Niro had that I was talking about.

What do you do?

For starters, there’s a lot of writing. Public relations is a constant process of communicating your company’s position, developments and values to relevant publics. Keeping top of mind and being credible is also big, which is why I work on publishing industry-relevant content, crafting eye catching social media posts and promoting thought leadership through any avenues we can think of. The Glimpser Spotlight series is one I can proudly claim!

Strategy planning, video ideation, zoom interviews and industry research have also been on my radar.

How has your view on Augmented and Virtual Reality tech changed after your internship experience?

Because The Glimpse Group has 8 subsidiaries spread across many industries, I’ve gotten to see how diversified the applications of AR and VR tech really are. My Snapchat filters? Augmented Reality. Getting kids excited to learn? Immersive Virtual Reality. (By the way, if I had a dollar for every time I’ve written the word immersive, I’d probably have enough money to buy my own VR headset).

I see its potential for uses beyond entertainment. However, I can foresee the dangers that this technology may render if devised for purposes other than enhancing how we already operate. I think it’s the type of tech that must be coupled with high ethical standards.

Advice for others wanting to be a Glimpser

Regardless of if you’re a communications freak, a tech junkie or even the average Joe, if you’re wanting to shake things up in your career, get yourself into Glimpse. Do it for the things you’ll learn. Do it for the people you’ll meet. Do it for the one of a kind experience.

Selena Jammaz is a former Public Relations intern at The Glimpse Group. Feel free to strike up a conversation with Selena about her time at Glimpse, or any other business inquiries on LinkedIn

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