People typically study a discipline in post-secondary because of a career path they have in mind. What many didn’t know, however, is that Augmented and Virtual Reality would surface to become as prevalent as it has in the past couple of years.

Senior Software Developer Saul Gamero found himself in a similar situation a few years ago, where he unexpectedly began applying his computer science background in XR tech at The Glimpse Group.

Selena: What has your education and career progression looked like up until Glimpse?

Saul: I went to a college at Northwestern University in Maryland. I double majored. I was a Computer Science and International Business student. After I graduated, I got my master’s there in applied computer science. Then after that, I went to New York. I worked a in a couple of companies before Glimpse.

Selena: When you were studying computer science, were you aware of VR/AR tech, and if so, what did you think of it at the time?

Saul: I had never heard of virtual reality. I was trying to find a job as a programmer in general, and I found an internship with a company who was doing gaming in virtual reality. It just so happened that they were trying to do a virtual reality game about climate change, so that’s how I got into it. I worked for that company for a couple of months, got familiar with virtual reality, and then I learned about Glimpse.

Selena:I don’t know much about software development. What are the similarities and differences between normal software development and that of AR and VR?



“What we’re doing is really fun, and that’s something that gets you motivated.”

Saul Pena Gamero, Senior Software Developer at The Glimpse Group


The good thing is that a lot of the tools that we use in the AR & VR industry to make our products are the same tools that a lot of developers use to make video games. And in college I was already interested in the process for making video games. In my first internship, even though I didn’t have experience doing AR or VR before, I had experience working with game engines, and I was already familiar with how they worked, so that helped get my foot in the door.

Selena:Explain more about what your job at Glimpse looks like.

Saul: Fairly recently, I’ve been promoted to Senior Software Developer. So now, my main role is I take the lead on a bunch of the projects, and specifically for the ones that are for the AdeptXR subsidiary that focuses on corporate training and education.

Behind the scenes, there is a lot of calculations going on. At the beginning of the of the year, we did a simulation for the cleaning crew at hospitals, and they were practicing how to clean and disinfect rooms. We created a replica of a hospital room, and they’d have to go in and clean all the surfaces, because after a patient is done, they’d have to clean the room and make it ready for the next patient.

Selena:What does your work look like now during COVID-19? Any sacrificed collaboration?

Saul:No, no. We still need a lot of collaboration. You need to work with a lot of people from different disciplines. As a programmer, I know how to work on Unity. But I wouldn’t be able to do anything without the artists or the modelers or the designers. And that leads to a lot of meetings. Before when we worked in the office, if you need something from somebody else, you could just tap somebody on the shoulder and be like, “Hey, I need this. How is that going?”

Selena:Describe being a Glimpser in one word/short phrase.

Saul: Amalgamation. My idea of Glimpse is that we have so many projects going on at once. We’re not sitting down, or working on one single project for a long time. You’re always ready to jump from one thing to another, being in multiple places at the same time.

Selena:Describe what the future will look like with VR/AR in one word/short phrase

Saul: I really think it’s going to take off and become huge with how technology is moving, and becoming more accessible. The Oculus Quest has become cheaper, and the quality of the content is looking really optimistic.

Because of its spontaneous emergence, the AR and VR industry took many by surprise. However, its boundaryless nature has proven exciting in the eyes of the individuals- like Saul-who are making it happen. Consequently, distinct consumer needs can be met with unique AR and VR solutions, like those made possible by The Glimpse Group and its dedicated Glimpsers.  

Saul Pena Gamero is the Senior Software Developer at The Glimpse Group. If you’d like to inquire further about  AR/VR software development,  feel free to contact Saul on LinkedIn.

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