Founding a company is one thing, but founding a company in a new and emerging industry characterized by innovation, vision and a glimpse into the future is another! Lyron Bentovim is the CEO of Virtual and Augmented Reality company The Glimpse Group,which oversees eight subsidiary companies dispersed across various industries.

From education, to health, to marketing and analytics, it’s clear that AR and VR tech won’t leave anyone without a visit.

Kicking off our new series, Weekly Glimpser, PR intern Selena Jammaz interviews Glimpse’s CEO. The two discuss Glimpse’s strategy, their software development process, and what it means to be leading in such a young industry nestled in a fluctuating environment. 

Selena Jammaz: How has being a CEO for a company in AR and VR been different than leadership positions you’ve had in previous companies?

Lyron Bentovim: I always get excited about businesses I run, but this time it’s different. I am more excited about what we’re doing than by far than anything I’ve ever done before. I passionately, believe strongly in the future of this industry and technology.

That’s the first difference. The second one being in an early tech cycle, selling the solution is totally different than selling solutions that people are looking for. In all of the other things I’ve done in my career, the businesses and the industries were established, so people were already consuming those products and services. It was just a question of choosing to work with you versus working with one of your competitors. This is one where you need to be an evangelist and sell people on the technology and the benefits and how it impacts their business before you sell them.

Selena Jammaz: How does Glimpse’ unique business structure helps streamline AR and VR innovation?

Lyron Bentovim: The uniqueness of Glimpse’ model allows people to focus on what they’re good at. In most start-ups, the founders spend a lot of their time either fundraising or spending time trying to build and manage their businesses instead of focusing on their product or solution. Glimpse’ model allows them and their teams to focus all their energy on making their products and solutions and then taking them to market, which makes them a lot more effective and allows them to go to market faster.

Selena Jammaz: What was your strategy in choosing the certain industries that your subsidiaries currently operate in?

Lyron Bentovim: I have spent a lot of time, and I still do, with DJ [Glimpse Co-Founder & CCO] thinking about where this industry is evolving. “Where are their pockets of opportunity?” and making sure we’ve got flags in those locations that we can definitely can build around.

Selena Jammaz: And on that note, are there any plans to enter any new industries anytime soon?

Lyron Bentovim: We are constantly talking about it, and we’ve got a few areas that we would like to find a business in. It’s just a question of finding the right one and being in a position to start growing again in terms of the number of subsidiaries. But we’re definitely constantly exploring that.

Selena Jammaz: Now, you’re the CEO, and you make the decisions. But I read something about agriculture and how AR and VR can help with that in terms of using data visualization. I’m sure Western Canadians would appreciate that. Have you looked into that?

Lyron Bentovim: Yes, we’ve had some discussions with people on the D6 side with people that focus on agriculture. But I’ve seen some other start-ups over the years that we’ve talked to about potentially bringing in, who are focused on using mostly augmented reality to try and enhance and give information to farmers and growers.

Selena Jammaz: With your background in tech, how hands on are you and the creation of glimpses technology? Do you roll up your sleeves and get in there, or do you mainly take on a supervision role?

Lyron Bentovim: I definitely roll off my sleeves and get involved in many of our products. I was involved in the early days. I haven’t coded in a long time, and even though it’s very tempting to me to kind of try and get their cut, it’s probably not the most effective use of my time, given how rusty I am. But in terms of envisioning the products, I’ve definitely had a say in many of our products in terms of getting in early brainstorming with the team and helping define what we’re doing and how we’re doing it.

 In today’s business environment, keeping up with consumer needs and attitudes is a given when assessing which companies excel and which don’t make the cut. However, being an innovator in an emerging industry adds an extra layer of complexity to the mix. The Glimpse Group offers products and services around VR and AR that many haven’t yet realized they need. The added challenge that Lyron and his team of Glimpsers excitedly invite with open arms.

Lyron Bentovim is the CEO of Augmented and Virtual Reality company- The Glimpse Group. To learn more about leading an innovative tech company in an emerging industry, feel free to contact Lyron on LinkedIn.

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